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“We’re ready to face anyone”: Blues look further than the neighborhood

A little closer… to the third star. The French team mastered a less harmless than expected Poland (3-1), on Sunday, December 4, thanks to the 52nd goal of Olivier Giroud (44th), a record in the tricolor shirt and a sumptuous double from Kylian Mbappé ( 74. 90.+1). Despite a penalty kick from Robert Lewandowski (90. + 9), who recovered to save the honor Biale OrlyThe Blues have enforced their status as world champions to continue their Qatar epic.

“It wasn’t easy”nuanced Didier Deschamps at the microphone on TF1. “This team was well organized to upset us and leave. We changed a few positions at halftime, we found some bonding.” “The qualification is deserved overall”assured Adrien Rabiot, who made his law in the middle, intelligent in his reminders and brilliant in the heart of the game. “We had one shot less good, we had two or three hot balls, but we recovered immediately. We managed to control in the second half, then we rolled out. We did what was necessary above all we took control of the game, which we didn’t do well in the first half. We put the safety in and did the job up front, we were good in all areas in the second half.”




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