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What are the guarantees for home insurance?

Home insurance can contain many guarantees

To protect your home against the vagaries of life, it is important to take out home insurance. However, depending on your lifestyle and the nature of your home, some options may be more suitable for your needs. Let’s see together what the different guarantees are for home insurance.

Home insurance: compulsory insurance

Home insurance is mandatory for tenants and co-owners. This includes certain basic warranties, but there are also optional warranties that can supplement it.

Civil liability guarantee

This guarantee is part of the mandatory guarantees of home insurance, both for tenants and co-owners. It primarily serves to indemnify third parties affected by an accident that occurred in the insured’s home.

This primarily concerns cases of fire and water damage, which may have consequences for the neighborhood. In the case of damage of this type, the guarantee makes it possible to cover the costs incurred and to receive compensation in the event of damage.

Water damage guarantee

Since this disaster is the most common of all, it is automatically integrated in the guarantees in the basic contract.

For greater security, it is possible to include damages related to a floodto one burst pipes or to one infiltration of facades.

The brand guarantee

This guarantee is also part of the home insurance’s basic guarantees. It is still important to note that there are some options that may be interesting to integrate. This especially includes electrical damage caused by the fire, an option more than recommended if the insured has advanced appliances.

It is also possible to extend the protection to smoke damage and not to the flames. Finally, be aware that there is a possibility of so-called fires “volunteers”which can be caused by a cigarette butt or a grill.

Burglary insurance

In order to trigger the guarantee against burglary, theft or vandalism, the home must be compatible for certain obligations, such as the installation of an alarm system or a 5-point lock.

It is therefore important to check with the insurance company necessary conditions to qualify for compensation, in which case the warranty may not be activated.

Weather guarantee

The purpose of this warranty is to cover damage caused by:

  • A flood
  • Landslide
  • Drought
  • Hail
  • An avalanche

Please note that the guarantee does not apply to natural disasters decreed by a interministerial decree nor storms. If the insured lives in a high-risk area, he must choose a specific option.

Optional warranties

Depending on the insured’s situation, certain optional guarantees may prove necessary. This is especially the case for people with swimming pool or even movable property valuable and expensive. In these cases, it is possible to take out a specific option. If you want to choose home insurance for a student apartment, you must also draw attention to this during your discussion with the insurance company.

There is also an approved daycare option, assistance for the elderly, garden protection or a mobile device warranty. In short, all that is important for the insured can be protected. He will simply have to define his priorities upstream in order to notify the insurance company.



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