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What documents to change car insurance?

The law has made it easier to cancel car insurance. Today, you can change your insurance company or contract at any time after the first membership year. However, you must present several documents such as the registration certificate or a copy of your valid driver’s license. Let’s take stock of all the documents that must be presented in the event of a change to the car insurance.

When can you cancel your car insurance?

  • Beyond the one-year commitment: The Hamon law of January 2015 regarding consumption gives the right to terminate your car contract at any time, for any reason.
  • 1 month before the due date with one month’s notice
  • Before a one-year commitment: termination is possible when there is a change in the situation that leads to a change in the risk (moving, sale or theft of the vehicle, etc.)
I want to change my car insurance

What documents do I need to provide to my current car insurance company?

If your request for cancellation occurs after the first year of membership, no documentation is required. Your new insurance company is responsible for terminating your contract.

However, you must justify your request to change the contract if:

  • You have sold your vehicle: in this case, you must send a letter of termination by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
  • Your current contract is less than a year old: here your insurer will also ask you to justify your change of situation by registered post

NB: cancellation requests are valid 10 days after receiving your letter.

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What are the documents for the new insurance company?

Since the Hamon law, beyond the first year, policyholders can cancel their car contract whenever they wish. In this case, the new insurer must collect several administrative documents to draw up the new contract:

  • Vehicle registration certificate (grey card)
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your IBAN bank account number
  • The Disclosure Statement, which includes the history of your claims, your bonus-malus coefficient, etc.

Tip: Most insurance companies offer to manage the car insurance cancellation process themselves for their new customer. It is therefore important to ask in advance.

The list of documents you must remember to change insurance

To prepare you as best as possible, here is an overview of the necessary documents in case of cancellation of car insurance:

  • Your car’s registration certificate
  • A copy of your valid driver’s license
  • Your bank details
  • An information statement if you were already insured
  • A cancellation letter (car sale or change of situation) sent to your previous insurance company to cancel your car contract

NOTE: Pay attention to the waiting times! Check with the new insurance company to find out the terms of membership so you don’t find yourself without auto coverage. We remind you that every French driver of a land motor vehicle must be insured. Uninsured drivers risk fines and loss coverage.

What criteria should be considered for changing car insurance?

When you want to change your car contract, we advise you to examine several parameters. This is to find a car insurance adapted to your situation and at the best price.

  1. The first thing to do is to analyze your current contract, the general conditions and the exclusions of guarantees. In this way, you know exactly your current level of coverage.
  2. Then go to an online car insurance comparator to review the various offers. Choose several insurance companies and make offers on car insurance. Be careful, you must be precise and honest in your answers to get an accurate estimate. This process is quick and completely free.
  3. Finally, compare the various offers received and be careful with the criteria specific to your vehicle and your insured profile. Also, pay attention to the various commercial offers offered by insurance companies, this can allow you to make significant savings or increase your level of guarantee.


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