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what he hears on the phone is horrible

He scans the microchip of a stray Maine Coon and calls his human: what he hears on the phone is horrible

A response that was not at all what was expected in a situation that should have been happy.

Human beings are sometimes unjust and cruel. A few days ago, a stray cat was picked up by a volunteer. A Maine Coon, probably superb several months ago, the animal was only a shadow of itself.

Once at the veterinarian, in order to examine the extent of the damage, the animal is scanned to check if it has an identification chip. It’s the case. The delighted vet then decides to contact his humans after discovering that he had been declared lost for two years.

A cold shower on the phone

But nothing goes as planned. On the phone, the tomcat’s human remains sober and proves to be uninterested in what is being told to her. She doesn’t even ask any questions and ends up uttering words of rare violence: “He’s been gone a long time, I’ve moved on. I have a new cat, and I can’t have two. I’m not going to get it back, do what you want. »

It was on LinkedIn that this story was told by veterinarian Nicolas Layachi. A story that was a real shock for him, as shown by his scathing conclusion after this phone call: “In any case, you do justice to this owner: she is not miserly. It would seem that cats that cost a luxury bag have a price but not a value. »

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