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When a roast chicken food truck also sells cannabis and cocaine from La Seyne to Carqueiranne

The investigation was carried out for a year and a half with great discretion. It ends with a rather thunderous net. Five people have just been implicated for drug trafficking and money laundering, indicted and remanded in custody.

The arrests took place in two waves, on May 10 and then June 7, from La Seyne, but with investigations as far as Yvelines and Pyrénées-Orientales.

The Seynois police investigation resulted in plump seizures, a total of 130,000 euros, two firearms, nearly 5.5 kg of cannabis and a handful of cocaine.

half million profit

It is above all the modus operandi that differs from the classic deal point at the foot of a building. A roast chicken sales truck served as a cover, allowing customers to pick up their merchandise, leaning on the Chicken barbecue.

But in La Seyne, as in Carqueiranne, there was crispier than chicken skin,”quality char-grilled” according to the slogan of the house. The traffic was considered important and the material elements “overwhelming”according to a source familiar with the matter.

According to estimates, the profit of the network is around half a million euros, since the beginning of police surveillance.

A judicial investigation was opened a year ago, allowing the implementation of telephone tapping, location beacons, and involving the intervention of several police services.

A heritage aspect of the case led to the seizure of several vehicles, as well as an apartment, under the freezing of criminal assets.



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