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When Lyon lawyers put on boxing gloves

Lawyers in the ring. In Lyon, the profession, can indeed, thanks to the sports commission of its Bar, devote itself to the practice of several disciplines of which the boxing which knows a growing success near the black dresses.

On the initiative, Edouard Duhen, specialized in driving licenses, criminal law and family law. Passionate about boxing and more generally combat sports, and himself a regular practitioner, the lawyer, who was sworn in in 2011, wanted to breathe new life into the commission to promote a little-known sport whose nobility legendary does not always have good press.

Lawyer Edouard Duhen on the job

“It is not a sport for brawlers, because it is very technical and difficult, which induces very complex body mechanics. Boxing is ideal for decompressing, letting go and breathing space in our very intense and very stressful daily life. Many colleagues tell me say they are calmer since they come to training. And the time slots between noon and two are popular because they are ideal for taking a break”explains Edouard Duhen.

A stone’s throw from the courthouse, lawyers can put on their gloves for a sports break. Twenty of them diligently follow the training provided by a former professional boxer. There is no elitism here, all levels and profiles are accepted. “The objective is to have fun by combining performance with fun”.

A boxing gala with lawyers in Lyon in the fall?

Edouard Duhen wishes to organize a boxing gala in Lyon in the fall by associating Parisian lawyers who are themselves organizers of such an event next July and in which some lawyers from Lyon will participate.

Discussions are also underway with the Marseille Bar, which could organize a gala on the sidelines of the next Juris’Cup (regatta for legal professionals) which will take place next fall.



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