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Where is the rabbit hidden in this picture where there are only cats?

Welcome in This is fun and playful that will test your visual skills. The challenge is to find a rabbit in a picture that consists of several cats.

The rule is simple: find the item you want. But don’t let the similarities between cats and rabbits fool you.

The image is carefully crafted to make it harder for you. The test of the day will help you sharpen your visual perception and pay more attention to details.

Use insight and open your eyes wide to find the rabbit hidden among the cats. Ready to face this visual challenge.

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To succeed in this game, your visual skills will play a crucial role. Pay attention to details and put your observation skills to the test.

The rabbit can subtly mix with the cats. It may be slightly different or camouflaged in the picture. Focus on shapes, contours, colors and patterns to spot the rabbit.

Be patient and methodical in your search, because the difference between cats and rabbits can be minimal. This test is a great opportunity to develop your visual skills and your sense of observation.

How to find the rabbit?

Here are some methods to help you find the rabbit within 60 seconds. Look for shapes that differ from others in the image. The rabbit may have slightly different contours than the cats.

The rabbit can have unique characteristics like a different tail, a certain attitude.

Rabbit ears can be separated from cat ears. Look for larger, pointier or differently colored ears. Rabbit eyes may have a different expression or color than cat eyes.

Finally, rabbit teeth are often longer and sharper than cats’. Look closely at each animal in the picture and look for teeth that resemble a rabbit’s.

Methodically go through the picture, examine each part carefully. Don’t leave a corner of the picture unexplored. By using these methods and being patient, you should be able to spot the rabbit among the cats. Good luck !


In this test, the rabbit was in 2nd placeth position behind the cutter from the right. You could tell by its long ears. Congratulations if you managed to find the rabbit using these clues!

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