Home Insurance Which car insurance should you choose?

Which car insurance should you choose?

Which car insurance should you choose?

To insure your vehicle, there are several options for you: between third party coveragethat middle cover (or extended third) or even all-risk coveragethe choice is not always easy.

How to choose yours car insurance plan based on your driver profile and your car? What are the guarantees for each type of contract? Hyperassur experts guide you step by step.

What are the three car insurance formulas?

First of all, we remember that being holder of car insurance are required to drive legally.

We distinguish three types of car covers :

  • L’third party insurance : also called civil liability guarantee (RC), this is the mandatory minimum contract if you own a vehicle. In the event of an at-fault accident, the third parties involved in the accident as well as the passengers in the insured car are protected. The driver and his vehicle, on the other hand, are not.
  • That third plus formula: also known as Extended Third Party, this intermediate contract also includes the mandatory civil liability guarantee, but it also covers you in case of theft of the vehicle, broken glass, if your car is burnt or suffers material damage after a natural event.
  • L’Back to back insurance: this is the most complete formula which provides very broad coverage in the event of an injury. It provides protection to the driver and his car (regardless of whether he is liable or not) against all the damages they may suffer.

In addition to this common basis of cover, the insured has the option of taking out optional cover to get a more comprehensive cover: collision damage cover, theft of personal property, cover for car equipment, etc.

How to choose the best car cover?

Select best car insurance and benefit from adequate protection, the first step is to take stock of your needs, your driver profile and your car.

Here are the criteria that car insurance uses to calculate your premium:

  • Vehicle make and model : yes, it is better to take an all-risk formula with a powerful and new car.
  • Use of vehicles : very occasionally, occasionally, daily…
  • Driver profile : seniority of the licence, calculation of bonus-malus, compensation claims, etc.
  • If applicable: profile of secondary leaders
  • Parking space for vehicles : the risks may vary depending on whether your vehicle is parked on the street or in a closed individual garage.

Also, if you are terminated, impaired or still a young driver, then you pose a significant risk of damage to traditional insurance companies. You will therefore pay more for your car insurance premium. In this case, we recommend that you compare the contracts on the market and possibly turn to specialized insurance for your profile.

Finally, choosing the best car cover also involves looking at guarantees offered in various contracts.

If you hold one old car with little value or your vehicle remains parked in a box or garage most of the time, there is no need to take out all the warranties. Conversely, if your car has a certain value and/or that you drive it daily, a contract with a wide range of guarantees will be more suitable. The idea is to find the right compromise between the protection provided and the price you pay.

Is it possible to choose your car insurance formula according to its application?

It is also possible to subscribe to specific car insurance formulas for certain applications. In reality, several options are added to the basic contract.

Insurance per kilometer

This option allows you to insure yourself in relation to the number of kilometers driven each year, without changing the guarantees in your basic contract.

When you sign your contract, you choose one annual mileage package which you agree not to exceed. A check can be performed once per and sometimes in case of injury.

If you do not respect this package, your insurer can make you pay one fixed penalty determined by the number of excess kilometers. Otherwise, that is if you do not reach the limit of your package, some insurance companies will reimburse you for overpayment.

“Pay as you drive” insurance

This type of insurance is very recently and requires the installation of a connected box in your car. This system makes it possible to record numerous data about the insured person’s driving, such as:

  • they drove kilometers
  • the number of times he borrows his car
  • the driving style selected by the user
  • the general behavior of the user

In addition, this type of insurance makes it possible to promote careful and responsible drivers, but also to punish bad ones. In general, this type of contract makes it possible to up to 30% savings on the insurance premium.

carpool insurance

In reality, there is strictly no carpooling insurance, as the liability guarantee must be sufficient.

However, this minimum warranty does not provide optimal protection in the event of personal injury or damage to your car. It may also be wise to take out additional guarantees to your basic contract.

If you plan to have one of your passengers drive, guarantee “borrowing the steering wheel” is fully indicated. Otherwise, ridesharing platforms offer their own insurance to protect you.

What are the main guarantees in the car contract?

Civil liability guarantee

This warranty is included in all car insurance formulas. This is the legal minimum required of drivers in terms of insurance. The civil liability guarantee makes it possible to provide compensation to third-party victims (passenger, driver, cyclist, pedestrian) for damages caused during an accident.

Driver’s personal guarantee

This warranty allows to compensate the driver and his heirs in the event of an error or without an identified third party, but also in the event of death. The driver’s personal guarantee can cover medical expenses, financial loss due to work stoppage or incapacity due to the accident.

Theft guarantee

The theft guarantee covers damage to theft or attempted theft of the vehicle break. With this option, the compensation can be full or partial according to the conditions of the car contract. Some insurance companies associate it with vandalism guaranteewhich covers the risk of graffiti, scratches and other malicious acts on the vehicle.

Fire guarantee

That fire guarantee makes it possible to compensate the driver when his car is burnt, damaged or destroyed after an arson, mechanical fire or during an explosion.

Glass breakage guarantee

The glass breakage protection covers damage in connection with breakage of the vehicle’s glass elements. It includes the windshield, side windows, rear windows, neighborhood lights, etc.

What are the optional warranties for an auto coverage?

Support guarantee

In the event of a breakdown or traffic accident, the assistance guarantee will enable the driver of the vehicle to be taken care of by a tugboat. This can be 0 km assistance or assistance including a mileage allowance. To this can be added other options such as the loan of a replacement vehicle, medical transport home or temporary housing.

Legal Protection Guarantee (PJ)

The insurance company covers legal, defense or expert costs (within a limit set in the contract) in the event that you are summoned before a court or a driving license revocation commission. This warranty generally excludes payment of fines or illegal actions and attorneys’ fees.

Coverage for all accidents

This guarantee covers all damages caused to the insured vehicle, even if the driver is responsible for the accident. It also covers damage in connection with a collision with one or more vehicles. It is interesting in addition to third party insurance.

Replacement car warranty

Finally, this guarantee simply allows you to benefit from a temporary vehicle if the insured driver’s car is immobilized after an accident.

As a reminder, it is not necessary to subscribe to all the guarantees: it is simply enough to determine your needs well in advance of engaging in research.

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