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Which insurance should you choose for your pet?

In France, as in other European countries, it is important to take out pet insurance. The different formulas offered by insurance companies are sometimes difficult to distinguish from each other. Follow our tips for find the best pet insurance !

Insure your pets at the right time

Pets need insurance just like their owners. This generally applies to dogs and cats. Because they have a longer lifespan (between 10 and 25 years).

Your little furry friends can become seriously ill. That is why it is necessary to take out animal insurance. Wait for the perfect age to insure your furry friends. Under 3 months, they are not yet insured. From 5 or 10 years, the insurance premium may be higher.

Take into account the waiting period of the contract

Let’s not forget thatpet insurance always has a grace period. This is simply the period when your pet is not yet insured. It may only last a few days. However, on some formulas this period is extended by a few months.

Compare the protection levels of different formulas

note that not all pets can be insured. This is especially the case for attack, defense and guard dogs. On the other hand, new pets can benefit from health coverage (rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, parrots, etc.). In all cases check the protection levels of different formulas. Obviously, they are not equal. In general, pet insurance should cover:

  • Veterinary fees.
  • Prescribed drugs.
  • Analyzes, X-rays and other recommended studies.
  • Admission costs, stay at a veterinary clinic.
  • Transport costs (only with animal ambulance).

The costs are generally covered by 50 to 80%. Beware of contracts that promise 100% refunds. Often they are accompanied by a deducted residual tax.

Prioritize support services

The best pet insurance often includes assistance benefits. This may include reimbursement of accommodation expenses if your animal needs to be cared for on site. If you are hospitalized, your furry friend will be cared for in a kennel for 30 days.

Other insurance companies offer a death benefit. This is very useful, especially if your dog or cat dies from an accident or illness. Of course, the support services can change the situation regarding the total cost of the envelope.



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