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“Who blames such an adorable cat?”

They then rush the animal to the vet, who removes the metal cable, disinfects the wounds and keeps Oreo under watch for the night. “We picked him up in the morning: he was only sleeping! He was a bit stoned because of the anti-inflammatories, reports his mistress. We closed the cat’s mouth to keep him inside for 24 hours. »

Poisoning in April

Shocked, the couple decides to file a complaint: “We called the gendarmerie: the lady laughed a little in my face and told me they couldn’t do anything”, laments Orthézienne. They therefore turn to the municipal police, who take up a railing. “This collar is a homemade thing, apparently totally forbidden, reports the mistress to the captured cat. I would like to ask people to be careful. »

The couple adopted Oreo and his sister in October 2020 thanks to the Patounes de chat association via the cat bar Ronron et Gourmandises. “For a year he has had no luck, laments his owner. In April he hadn’t eaten for two or three days, people thought he was lethargic. At one point his eyes turned lemon yellow: there was a problem. We took him to the vet: he started peeing fluorescent yellow! Blood tests showed he had been poisoned, his liver was damaged. He was on medication for a month and got away with it. We didn’t know where it could come from. Oreo is a little crazy but super nice. Who can blame such an adorable cat! ?”

The municipal police assured that the mayor would be informed about the trapping and that rounds would be organised.



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