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Why can’t a cat’s tail be pulled? Be careful, it is very dangerous!

Besides just being mean to your cat, do you know why pulling a cat’s tail is dangerous?

Apart from the fact that it is not very nice to pull a cat’s tail, there are other reasons why you should absolutely avoid doing it, or prevent your children from doing it. In addition to hurting him a lot, you actually run the risk of inflicting him irreparable damage on your cat’s tail. Here’s exactly why.

Why is it very dangerous to pull your cat’s tail?

Do you know why tail pulling is dangerous for your little cat? Most people think it’s because ” it hurts him“. So yes, it hurts to pull a cat’s tail. Let’s say you have a lot more strength than your cat, even if it’s a child doing this, and then your tomcat feels like it’s pulling. much more intense in relation to the force you have involved in your gesture.

As a result, it’s a bit like a giant pulling on your arm. You will definitely be in a lot of pain, this one might even be go wildand this, though the giant has not put all his strength into it.

However, apart from the pain it can cause the cat, pulling its tail is simply dangerous, and this gesture can prove irreversible on its body. In fact, when someone pulls a cat’s tail, even a little hard, the tail can break. Simply. This is a very delicate member in animals that have it.

cat with a big tail

An injury that may not be immediately noticeable, but may have frightening effects on your pet. For good reason, a broken tail can cause:

  • Aggression in the cat, primarily towards you and towards animals that would try to touch its wounds.
  • This bone fracture can get worse and cause more serious damage that can even be fatal in the long term. Especially when blood clots form there.
  • The cat can have extremely bad, Simply. Like us when we have a breakup.
  • A broken tail, even healed, can change the cat’s senses. The latter uses its tail a lot to position itself in space. Just as plucking a cat’s whiskers is dangerous for it, breaking its tail will have somewhat the same effect. cracked moustache. Your cat will be disoriented, lost, he may even be particularly clumsy from this moment on.

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How do I know if my cat’s tail is broken and what should I do?

How do you know if your cat’s tail is broken? Well, already observe the above elements and these will already be the first elements of an answer. If your cat becomes more aggressive after a tail drag, if it is disoriented, etc. Maybe it means his tail is broken. Here are some other things that might catch your eye:

  • His tail points down or appears abnormally curved.
  • If she pulls on the groundit could mean that it is broken.
  • If you touch your cat’s tail, it appears to be in pain, and it works soft or swollen.
  • The cat’s tail shows, for example: a blush, a hematomawound, abscess, discharge of pus, oedema, etc.
  • The animal walks strangely or fails to do so coordinate their movements.
  • He cannot jump on objects or from furniture.
  • Your cat has diarrhea.
  • The cat has problems to eat.
  • Your cat can start too urinate everywhere.

In any case, as soon as these symptoms appear, you must consult one veterinary to get to the bottom of it. Primarily, do not touch the tail, leave the cat alone before the appointment. If the cat’s tail is broken, it is better to limit the damage.

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Why don’t your cats like you doing this?

In addition to the danger of the gesture, you should also know that your cat generally does not like having its tail pulled. More generally, a cat does not necessarily appreciate having its tail touched. It is true that some are more tolerant of this. But most felines are reluctant to this idea.

Why ? Because cats are sensitive animals and feel the touch much more intensely than us humans. When you touch your cat, he will feel it more strongly than if you were touched by a giant.

cat tail vertebrae

Where does this come from? At the level of the cat’s body, it simply comes from its hairs, which are very powerful sensors. At the level of the member itself, it therefore comes from the hairs, but also from the skeleton. For good reasons, its tail is an extension of its spine !

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These 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cat Tails

Here is finally 5 facts that you probably don’t know about this necessary and essential member of your cat. When you have an animal, you might as well know it physiognomy to make the right gestures towards him.

  1. This member is a true extension of his spine and serves entirely to the animal for place themselves in the room, to coordinate their movements and to stand upright. Like us, finally!
  2. Is your cat happy? He will put his tail in the airand thus shows his rear.
  3. If your cat is upset, he hit him with the tail slowly on the ground.
  4. The cat’s tail matters between 14 and 28 caudal vertebrae.
  5. Is your cat scared? His cock will squirm and, often, passes between his legs or around him, as protection.

You now know the importance of not pulling a cat’s tail, even in small doses. The cat doesn’t like it, it hurts him, but it can also be dangerous for his health, quite simply.



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