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Why do cats not like water?

Why do cats not like water?

A kitten that is used to water will be less afraid as an adult. stock.adobe.com

This aversion to water is widespread among cats, although some breeds are known to be less shy.

It’s bath time for Tigger, your little alley cat. A trial guaranteed, as much for him as for you, and this every day. “But why this catdoes he not like water?you ask yourself. Here are some explanations.

Are cats afraid of water?

Many cat owners have been able to realize the fear, stress or fear of their little pet in the face of water. Why do they seem to fear her so much? The veterinarians’ explanations are many.

First of all, the wet hair becomes heavy, cools and turns out to be very uncomfortable. Next, cats are cats that feel safe in an environment where they have control over their bodies to jump, swing or keep their balance. Immersed in water, they slow down and lose their range of motion.

The other main reason for this fear of water is habit. A cat that has not been familiar with contact with water from an early age will be suspicious of it, as it is of anything it does not know. Finally, the Felidae originally populated the Middle East, a very dry, sunny region where water sources were particularly rare.

Why won’t my cat wash itself?

A cat does not wash itself in the same way as a human. He even spends between 30 and 50% of his day grooming and licking his hair. If your pet does not like the bath, it does not mean that it refuses to bathe. It is only recommended to help your cat bathe if it is sick or has arthritis.

Cats are often observed playing with a dripping faucet, and some like to get under the jet. Yet they refuse the bath. This behavior is completely normal in cats, it should not be seen as an anomaly.

Which cat races like water?

Whether you like contact with water is more a matter of training and habit. A cat that has been bathed from an early age will be less stubborn about water. However, we can note that some breeds are more tolerant than others. Here is a list:

  • that Norwegian : excellent swimmer, this cat is not afraid of water;
  • that Bengal: this cat with leopard fur loves to swim in calm water;
  • that Siberian : able to swim and play in the water, it comes from the cold and damp regions of Russia;
  • L’Abyssinians: originally from Northeast Africa, this cat is a very good swimmer;
  • that Turkish Van: he likes to dive into the sea water or a small pool to swim there for a few moments.

Other cats are also known for their swimming skills or their taste for water: Manx, Savannah, Snowshoe or Maine Coon. It should be remembered that the breed of a cat does not guarantee these abilities, since each sample has its own character.

How do I accustom my cat to water?

Vets generally recommend sensitizing your kitten to water between 3 and 16 weeks of age. To activate their reward circuit, it is possible to use toys or encourage them by offering them food.

But it will be much longer and more difficult to accustom an older cat to water, especially if he is very reluctant. Gradual adaptation to small amounts of water is advised. It is important not to rush him, which can stress him a lot or cause him real trauma.



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