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Why do people from Marseille pay more for their home insurance than elsewhere in France?

For apartments, Marseille is the second city where insurance is the most expensive. (©Illustration / Adobe Stock)

If it is in Nice that home insurance is the most expensive for apartment renters, Marseille is in second place.

This is shown by the study carried out by Leocare, multiservice insurance. The same observation for the houses: the city of Marseille occupies the second place in the ranking after Paris.

As a reminder, the cost of home insurance varies depending on different criteria (type and characteristics of the home, profile of the insured, value of the furniture, desired level of cover for the home). So in order to be able to make comparisons between the different cities, the survey was carried out similar situation. Result: “significant differences” were raised.

More expensive than Rennes or Strasbourg

In Marseille, for example a 4 bedroom house, people from Marseille pay an average of 46.86 euros per month compared to 29.50 euros for people from Rennes. “The same applies to apartment building insurance”, comments the insurance via a press release, which clarifies that “Marseille remains the 2nd city where policyholders pay the most: 21.23 euros per month for a T2 type residence against 13.45 euros in Rennes or 15.90 euros in Rennes.Strasbourg”.

Through this study, reports Leocare average price differences per month up to up to 58%.

How was this study conducted?

Leocare focused on home insurance prices in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse. The study covers 540 insurance offers made between 10 November and 6 December, with an area of ​​60m2 for apartments and 100m2 for houses. The declared movable capital was between 6,000 and 75,000 euros. The chosen formulas are “eco” and “prenium”.

Can we dispute the increase in his insurance?

If the price of home insurance increases due to an increase in damages or risks such as burglarydo you have the option of contesting your insurance.

How to do? It should be noted that most insurance contracts allow the insurance company to increase the required premiums from the insured if they have a contribution review clause.

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You can refer to your insurance contract that you have taken out. And if the contract doesn’t have a review clause, you do right to refuse the increase contribution imposed by your policy upon receipt of its expiry notice.

“The Hamon law of 2015 allows you to switch insurance very easily after one year,” the study concludes.

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