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Why should your life insurance contracts be adapted to your profile?

An adviser must study your investor profile before you sign a life insurance contract. 279104502/snow12 –

OUR ADVICE – An advisor establishes your investor profile through a questionnaire to find out your requirements and financial needs.

Before marketing life insurance, the distributor must accurately determine your investor profile in order to offer you a suitable contract in accordance with your expectations (Art. L. 522-5 of the Insurance Code). The process may seem boring, even curious. But the professional who fails to do so could see his liability compromised for failure to advise.

1. How does the distributor determine your profile?

The information necessary to know your requirements and financial needs is collected via questionnaire. Each distributor is free to formulate it, provided that the questions are clear, precise and understandable (recommendation 2013-R-01 of 8 January 2013 from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority – ACPR).

In addition to your personal situation, the professional seeks to know your financial situation. It concerns “the source and amount of your ordinary income, your assets, including assets …

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