Home Insurance Why take out supplementary health insurance?

Why take out supplementary health insurance?

Why take out supplementary health insurance?

You have probably already heard of health insurance, which covers your expenses in case of illness and which gives you the right to reimburse a large part of the expenses spent on buying your medicine.

But what do you know about supplementary health insurance, it’s so discreet little sister? In this article you can find us to explain more about this secondary insurance and give you an idea about its importance.

What is the role of complementary health insurance?

First, to understand what will be the use of the fact that you take out supplementary health insurance, remember all the health expenses that regular health insurance will never pay for. It could be dental work, an optical procedure or simply a complicated pregnancy. With this in mind, having a supplemental health insurance contract will be a highly valued asset. This secondary insurance comes in several forms and covers all or part of the expenses, depending on the intended contract type. To do so, you should contact a qualified insurance company to obtain a personal contract according to your case.

Which areas are covered by the supplementary health insurance?

Supplementary health insurance covers a wide range of areas medical and various cases of accidents. Whether it is work or traffic accidents, it can protect you from several types of disappointments. Aside from accidents, here are other sources it could be a part of:

  • optical corrections, frames and payment for medical examinations for driver’s licenses;
  • placement of dentures or mandatory fillings;
  • sudden hospitalizations and household accidents;
  • some medical analyses;
  • cosmetic surgery after the accident.


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