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Why the City captures cats in the former Cdo

The stray cats in the abandoned buildings in Square Gambetta are being captured. For reasons of public safety but not only.

Abandoned for twenty years, the old buildings of the Cdo brand, facing Square Gambetta, in the city center of Chtelleault, have been colonized for years by stray cats.

The City of Chtellerault has decided to launch a campaign to capture the twenty or so tomcats wandering in this former disused business and its surroundings.

The cats have settled down
and have proliferated. was becoming problematic.

The cats settled down and proliferated. became problematic, for reasons of public health. The cats had to be moved. The objective is to capture them, with identification and sterilization. There have also been attacks on the lives of cats. Malicious people abandoned their cats in this place or attacked them. Cats found in poor conditionexplains Laurence Rabussier, read Chtellerault in charge of the living environment.
To legitimize this capture and explain its approach, the City issued a municipal decree which was posted on the gates of the ex-Cdo, as well as a information for residents of Square Gambetta.
We learn that the capture campaign will last two months, from May 30 to July 30. An operation that has been entrusted to the Orphan cats association. Captured cats will be transported to a veterinary clinic to check their condition and sterilize them, if necessary. They will not then be put back on the Cdo site. We are not going to exterminate them either. They will be put in an enclosure adapted to their life in a colonyspecifies the elected official.
During the capture period, owners of domestic cats in the sector must keep their animals inside their property and make sure they are identifiablestipulates the municipal decree.
As a reminder, domestic cats must be identified (tattoo or electronic chip), reminds the community.

The City also has a project

The risk of nuisance to public health is not the only reason that leads the City to want to get rid of these cats. In the municipal arrest, we learn that the buildings at 26, square Gambetta (ex-Cdo) will be refurbished. According to the latest news, the local authority has acquired this 2,100m building wasteland with a view to developing a parking lot and a leisure activity (bowling, trampoline park, arcade games?).



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