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With “Stray”, the best independent video game of 2022, the player “thinks like a cat”

Cat then. In 2022, the stray, and its feline hero, took the video game world by surprise. When no one expected him, now this red tomcat fighting a cyberpunk world has won over tens of thousands of players since it was released at the beginning of the summer and monopolized the top of the best-selling video games. on Steam, the reference platform on PC. In December, the icing on the cake, the title, developed by the Montpellier residents of BlueTwelve Studio, even won the award for best independent game at the Game Awards. But why has this game gained so many followers, with the nose and mustache of hits from the big studios? 20 minutes posed the question to fans of the stray.

Agathe, who, the lucky one, played it on Playstation 5, “loved” the game. She had fun traveling around the world the strayexplore “every corner, climb the furniture, always higher, to land on the roofs. We get caught up in the game of gossip with this little cat, walking in paint, knocking bottles off a table and running in all directions. You can even make him to meow, make him drink water from a puddle or even make him scratch a sofa! In short, real life, free, for a cat! “A bit like his,” continues Agathe, who “lives his own fairy tale”.

“It takes us to the guts”

“The game stages succeed in making the player think like a cat! “, Quentin is surprised. Perrine also fell in love with this cat who was separated from her family in a world populated by robots. “We immediately put ourselves in the place of this hairy redhead who is losing her bearings and her loved ones,” she testifies. We perfectly feel the disorder and fear of this cat, it takes us to the guts… It’s not often that the end of a game takes me to the guts. She hails the “realism in every corner”, truly “bluffing”. There is “no human being, but the places are still well inhabited, it looks like it”.

For Perrin, the stray is a game accessible to everyone, not just controller addicts. This is also the case with Paul, who “isn’t much into video games on the Playstation” but loved “embodying this little cat in a dystopian and futuristic world. We’re well guided to progress through the game and it’s full with fine details and side tasks. »

If Jonathan discovered this game, it’s because he loves cyberpunk worlds. And he was not disappointed. “I was won over by its originality, by its level of graphics and its atmosphere. This is a game that I highly recommend! And if cat owners welcome the precision of the movements of the hero of the strayno need to have a tomcat at home to have fun with this game, assures another reader 20 minutes. “For some, it’s just a platform game or a cat simulator, a game that only interests cat mothers. I know people who don’t have a cat and loved it! «, he assures. And who knows, maybe with these players, the stray will have sparked the desire to adopt one.



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