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With their cycle card, they are ready to ride safely

On the last day of school, CM2 students of Jules-Lenormand have received their cycle card.

Véronique Desnoues and Olivia Bellizio, deputy mayors, gave school children a “Knowing how to ride a bike” (SRAV) certificate modeled after the “Knowing how to swim” diploma: measures launched in 2019 by the government for 6-11 year olds.

Olivier Combacau, director of education and sports, and Christelle Théophile, director of sports, forwarded the municipality’s wishes together with Philippe Riffet, director of urban activities. It was Nicolas Mire, physical education teacher, who got on the bike and taught the CM2 classes. He showed them how to pedal and how to drive safely. Goal: that children can go to college by bicycle after primary school.

From now on, everyone knows the adjustment of the brakes, the reflectors, the horn, the use of a helmet is strongly recommended after 12 years; they know everything about the road and the cycle paths.

The ceremony ended with a timed circuit, with obstacles, while respecting the highway code! Soon they will also have a reflective bag cover.




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