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World Cup in Qatar: a cat is thrown to the ground after bursting into a press conference, the images that shock Brazil

The story became so big that the São Paulo Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine had to decide whether it was animal cruelty or not.

that Brazil excited. While Selection prepares to play its quarter-final against Croatia on Friday afternoon (16:00), it is an incident on the sidelines of the meeting that is causing a lot of talk in South America. Wednesday, Vinicius Junior stands in front of journalists for one press conference. So far nothing out of the ordinary. Except that a cat disrupts the Q&A session by sitting on the table. His performance arouses the laughter of the Madrid player and the assistance, but does not make the press manager of the Brazilian selection smile. The press manager then grabs him by the skin of his back and throws him to the ground.

Animal cruelty?

A way of doing things that provoked the ire of internet users who shouted at animal cruelty. Faced with such a wave of indignation, the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine in São Paulo put an end to the nascent controversy, reports The Observer. He states this in a footnote the way the selection employee used to remove the cat was correct.



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