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Year-end celebrations: action to take on lost or stray dogs spooked by fireworks

Every year, many dogs are found stray on the roads after escaping from their homes, frightened by fireworks on holiday nights. A professional reminds you of the good things to do if you find lost animals.

This weekend was the case with Kaïra, who was found by a neighbor of the owner. “She stayed with us all evening, all night. The next morning we fed her as if it were our own. Afterwards we posted ads that we had found this dog there with pictures and the owner contacted us.”, the resident testifies. The frightened dog was finally able to find his master safe and sound. “We saw the ad on Pet Alerte so I called the person and all of a sudden I picked the dog up right, calm, he was in good hands. I think it was the fireworks that scared her.”explains its owner.

Actions to take

And Kaira’s case is far from isolated. To deal with these hundreds of disappearances that happen during the holidays, Cécile Squarzoni, veterinarian of the Apbea association, gives some gestures to adopt. “If the dog is injured, take him to a vet, if the dog is lost, take him to a vet to check his microchip, his identification, to call his owner. Otherwise, if you find a dog that’s not identified you have on Facebook “Pattes en cavale 974″ where you can post and send pictures in the area where you found the dog.”




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