Zoophile, church groom and car thief: he collects misdeeds

He arrived at the prison with an impressive number of charges against him. On Sunday, December 4, in Clearwater, Florida, several people, including children, witnessed 36-year-old Chad Mason having sex with a dog while walking around an apartment complex. It was 4.30pm when the police were alerted to the zoophilic acts of this man with a golden doodle (a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle) belonging to a friend.

Being shouted at by passers-by, the person then fled and took refuge in a Presbyterian church. But he didn’t just hide there, he destroyed a nativity scene and smashed pots of plants (damage estimated at $400). He then left the scene to go to a nearby neighborhood, where he again tore down a mailbox and tried to steal a car, says “Tampa Bay Times.

Eventually the police caught him. He was jailed in Pinellas on charges of sexual acts with animals, exhibitionism, injury and damage to a place of worship. It is not known at this time if this person was under the influence of drugs during all of these misdeeds.

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