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10 tips to lose weight before summer

The sunny days are back, as well as lighter clothes that let our bodies appear, and of course swimsuits. Although this summer period is awaited by many, it can represent a stress for the people who do not feel good in their body because of a few kilos which they consider too much.

There are several methods for lose weight fast before summer, to finally feel good about showing off your legs, arms, and maybe even your belly. The most important is to preserve your health by not starving yourself.

In addition to being dangerous for health, this method is not sustainable and all these deprivations will have been useless. For greater weight loss for health reasons, it is important to be followed by a doctor.

1. The Kaizen method

The Kaizen method can be used when you want to change your habits, such as quitting smoking or weight loss. It is a Japanese method of continuous improvement. You can’t run a marathon or be an excellent musician overnight. Likewise, you don’t quit smoking in a day. Behavior change is not a one-time event. It is the result of a journey with several stages. The Kaizen method consists of proceed by successive steps which, taken end to end, enable us to achieve our objectives.

To improve and make effective changes, you must first to be able to analyze oneself, to take stock of their behavior. For example, if you want to walk more, you’ll first estimate your daily step count, then you’ll set a route to follow each day and gradually lengthen it.

You will progress at your own pace, trying to anticipate obstacles: fatigue or bad weather for example. You also have to be able to fix what went wrong. The Kaizen method advocates successive adjustments. It’s the exact opposite of abrupt change, in short.

2. Choose lower calorie foods

To avoid unnecessary pounds, the rule is simple: “If I eat more calories than I burn, I gain weight.” This goes for what you eat and what you drink, so to be careful, you have to drink water. There are no calories in water.

If, despite everything, you want something sweet, prefer pressed fruit to industrial fruit juice, even if there is even better to do in eating the fruit squarely rather than squeezing it. Because a squeezed orange represents about 90 calories. But the same orange, if you peel it and if you take the time to chew it, it only represents about 60 calories. And in addition, the satiety effect is more lasting.

It’s something you don’t necessarily think about, but it is possible to reduce calorie intake from starchy foods. By preferring lentils to classic pasta (i.e. white pasta), you decrease calorie intake by 15%. Moreover, lentils are more protein, richer in fiber and less sweet than pasta.

3. Eat little in the evening

The saying “morning eats like a king, noon like a prince and evening like a beggar” is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, our pace of life generally pushes us to eat little at breakfast, for lack of time, quickly at lunchtime at work and to have fun in the evening at dinner, with the family. However, this is a trap for our metabolism.

Indeed, a hearty meal in the evening is not useful for our body. If in the evening, we eat a little cheese and charcuterie while preparing dinner, with a glass of wine, then a hearty dish and a dessert, and we go to bed immediately afterwards, all these calories ingested will not be used.

By eating very little, or not at all in the morning, the risk of snacking is increased. Indeed, a simple coffee and a toast are not enough for all the energy you will expend before your lunch: commuting to work, sometimes on foot or by bike, stairs, concentration… all of this consumes far more calories than sleeping.

4. The flight attendant diet

The air hostess diet is a method leading to express weight loss: 4 pounds in 4 days thanks in particular to a hypocaloric and hyperpoteinized diet. The idea of ​​this diet is to replace your usual meals with a large consumption of meat and vegetables and at the same time to reduce fats and carbohydrates as much as possible. Certain rules must be followed conscientiously, such as the ban on snacking between meals, consuming alcohol or sugary drinks.

When you want to follow the flight attendant diet, certain foods are allowed and encouraged, while others are strictly prohibited. Here is the list of what should be on your plate: lean meat, poultry, white fish, seafood, eggs, tofu, yoghurt and 0% dairy products, green vegetables, citrus fruits, as well as fruits low in sugar.

All very high fat foods are prohibited: sweet products, sugar, starches, cereals, cakes, pastries, pastries, fats, cheeses, industrial meals, fast food as well as all soft drinks.

It is important to follow this diet to the letter to see results. The diet period being very short, no deviation is allowed. But the period of deprivation is short enough to be able to avoid deviations.

5. Don’t be in too much of a rush

For a sustainable weight loss, it is important to know how to make an effort over time. Adopt a diet that suits your lifestyle. Indeed, if you want to lose quickly, you will forbid yourself too many foods that make you happy and you increase the risk of cracking. You can try intermittent fasting, which may even increase longevity, according to a study from Columbia University.

6. Drink water

Water is an essential part of our life, yet many people don’t drink enough of it. If sodas and alcohol can give us a thirst-quenching effect, it is important to drink plain water. You can also drink it in the form of tea and herbal tea, but without sugar. In this way, you will avoid drinking extra calories.

In addition, good hydration, ie 1.5 liters of water per day, will allow you to eliminate calories from your body, and avoid too painful aches if you accompany your diet with a resumption of sport.

7. Get into a routine

Creating a routine with new good habits is an unstoppable technique to achieve your goals. It’s better to do a little every day than to deprive yourself one day and overcompensate the next.

In addition, a study shows that the organization of meals would have a greater impact on weight loss than the number of calories ingested each day. You can therefore organize a schedule of your meals, with a little exercise each day for a faster and more lasting result.

8. Exercise

If this advice seems obvious, it is no less effective. Sport is the best way to burn fat and consume your daily calories. The sunny days are back, it’s an additional opportunity to practice outdoor sports.

You can start small by walking a little more each day and taking the stairs consistently, then work up to workouts that are suited to your abilities. In addition to losing weight, you will be healthier in the long run.

9. Don’t pressure yourself

If you set yourself a goal that is too difficult to achieve, you will put pressure on yourself to get there in time. However, stress has devastating effects on health. Some people lose too much weight too quickly because of stress, and others take refuge in comforting but dangerous behaviors, such as excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods, alcohol or tobacco.

Be kind to yourself, congratulate yourself on every goal you achieve, and be realistic about stress-free weight loss.

10. Don’t Starve Yourself

Stop restrictive diets, they are useless and promote the “yo-yo” effect. Do not eliminate all fats and sugars, which are essential for our health and the proper functioning of our body.

If you are used to snacking between meals, you can dispense with it, unlike starchy foods for example. Do not deprive yourself of a good plate of pasta or rice, accompanied by well seasoned vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil. This kind of meal is balanced and excellent for your health. In addition, eating your fill during meals will prevent you from wanting to snack. If this desire is irrepressible, prefer fruit to cakes for example.

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