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11 Dog Breeds That Love Snow and Cold

Many dogs love water. And the snow is for some of them a playground that they love just as much. The more the dog resists the cold, the more it will benefit from it. Dogs from cold countries, in other words those with dense hair, are better equipped against the cold than those with short hair. In order to learn more about them, we invite you to discover 11 dogs that are very fond of snow and cold. Which is your favourite?

—Pavel Suhov /

11. Sled dogs

You probably suspected it: the sleigh dogs love the snow and therefore the cold. They have behavior and instincts reminiscent of their ancestor: the wolf. Trained by professionals to pull the sleds on snow or ice with a harness and tow lines, they are also trained for their well-being. They can also go hunting. Have you ever done dog sledding?

Cecile BretonJune 16, 2022



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