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where to taste the best tarte flambée? Two Strasbourgers respond on Instagram

Where to taste the best tarte flambée in Alsace? Two people from Strasbourg have decided to test the best addresses for you. Experiences they share on their Instagram account, entitled Tarte Flambée Club.

They are passionate aboutgreat food“, this is how Laurent David and Antoine Milesi describe themselves, two Strasbourg residents, founders of the Tarte Flambée Club Instagram account.

They gravitate in the same spheres, those of lovers of good food. Laurent once participated in the organization of the Street mouth festival, now well known in Strasbourg. Antoine already has a successful Instagram account, @lestreetfoodiste, dedicated to street food.

When they meet in 2019 around a good meal, a subject arises, or rather a question: “where to eat the best tarte flambée in Alsace?”

“It’s a real social issue! The tarte flambée is still a subject of debate”.

Serious and highly controversial question. “It’s a real social issue! The tarte flambée is still debated, everyone has an opinion on the matter. It’s a dish that invites sharing and brings back memories of good times, so everyone has their recommendations”explains Laurent David.

However, there is no guide, no classification to guide amateurs. So they devoted themselves. “We wanted to create something that was cool and interactive“. The adventure starts in 2020, somewhat slowed down by covid. To date, our two guides have tested around twenty establishments around Strasbourg. Each experience is filmed and results in a video posted on their Instagram account.

To decide between the restaurants, no less than 7 criteria were selected: the dough, the quality and quantity of the ingredients, the originality of the recipes, but also the setting of the restaurant, the speed of service and the quality-price ratio.

As for the method, it follows a perfectly established ritual. It begins by ordering a classic tarte flambée. “For us, this is the basis, it must be mastered“. Then a gratin, followed by a “special” and finally a munster pie, “our favorite“.

More or less pleasing experiences. We will not give names but the bad students have the same faults: “ingredients bought in supermarkets, ready-made pie shells, in short, restaurants that make tarte flambée because we are in Alsace and we have to do it”.

Then there are the others. “Those who invest more time and love, it makes the difference“, believes Laurent David.

Their crush? It is unanimous: the Auberge du Pont de la Zorn, based in Weyersheim, about twenty kilometers north of Strasbourg.

The products are excellent and sourced, local flours, Isigny cream, subtly smoked bacon, remarkable cooking”.

The description makes you salivate and it doesn’t stop there, our gourmets were surprised to devour a smoked trout pie. “But what a great invention! It may seem surprising, but when it’s mastered, it’s delicious!”

So who will dethrone the Auberge du Pont de la Zorn? The 5,000 subscribers of their Instagram account are not stingy with recommendations. “We still have a good list to explore, we test on average one restaurant per month”. So be patient and don’t hesitate to send them your suggestions.



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