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15 ideas for baby names that start with the letter U

15 ideas for baby names that start with the letter U

As with babies, choosing a name for your dog or cat can be a real headache. It is actually very difficult to agree with all members of the family. Thus, we can make a small list of first names that we appreciate and choose names that correspond to the year. In fact, if the first names in T had the coast in 2022, in 2023 it will be U. This also allows you to register your dog on LOF (Book of French Origins). The homepage Caniprof also gives some advice on choosing the right name for your dog or cat. “In this case, his year of birth is crucial to find him a name whose initial is not chosen at random, regardless of whether it is a female or a male. In fact, for a pedigree dog, since the 19th century, we apply the one letter, one year rule. »

Tips for giving your dog or cat the best name

  • Avoid long dog names because your pet really only hears 2 syllables.
  • Always put in your dog’s first name a strong vocal after a weak consonant and vice versa. For example, after the letter “f”, prefer the vowel “a” to the vowel “e”.
  • Avoid certain letters that your dog will have trouble hearing, such as f, l or even b.
  • It is advisable to double the sounds for a better understanding.
  • If your dog is a small breed but is quite nervous, you should choose a name that is gentle enough not to excite him. If your dog is calm and with a submissive temperament, again, choose a cute name.

After considering these tips, let’s now move on to U-shaped name ideas for your dog or cat.

For a man, you can choose between:

  • ubbo
  • Uber
  • Ugh
  • Uggy
  • Ulis
  • Ugly
  • Oops
  • Ucco
  • ukyo
  • Undo
  • uness
  • United
  • On top
  • Ulric
  • Uzik

If your pet is a girl, you can choose from these U names:

  • Una
  • Uta
  • Whoops
  • Umm
  • Oops
  • Ulka
  • Uma
  • Uska
  • Get away
  • Unka
  • Ussy
  • Ulla
  • Urania
  • Urika
  • Utah

Choose the first name of your dog or cat according to its breed

If some do not prefer to give their pet a name that works over the years, it is possible to choose a first name that fits well with the animal’s character. Some names like Buddha, Câlin or Pépère will go well with the Cavalier King Charles, the pug or the golden retriever. For the Jack Russel and Border Collie, first names such as Player, Rocket or Dynamite can be chosen. “However, be careful to clearly identify your dog’s breed, because naming your Doberman Minus will be disconcerting to say the least given its size: as a reminder, a Doberman can measure up to 72cm at the withers! Conversely, it would not be consistent with its very small size and fragile appearance to name your Chihuahua ‘Titus’. recalls the site for Figaro.

Another important tip: your dog’s first name should be short so that he can easily recognize it and that you don’t have too much trouble pronouncing it. “Prefers the use of ‘snapping’ consonants: this is a phonetic term to denote the consonants that emit the most energy, such as ‘k’, ‘r’ or even ‘t’. Thus the name of your dog will have more influence when you want to train it on recall, especially. Ideally, choose a name with two syllables, and if they repeat themselves, even better.”


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