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Unsuccessful negotiations on reducing salt in food –

Negotiations led by the confederation with Swiss food producers and retailers to reduce the salt content of food have failed, mainly due to the lack of replacement products, we learned on Sunday.

“Too much salt in the soup”, headlined the Sonntagszeitung to announce this failure of negotiations, which was confirmed by a spokesman for the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (OSAV).

The observation that salt is present in excessive amounts in food is not new and discussions were underway to overcome this problem between the office and manufacturers. But the failure is bitter, writes the German-speaking newspaper, which puts forward two reasons: the taste characteristics of the salt, i.e. a question of taste, but also and above all a question of money.

Voluntary cooperation

The FSVO spokeswoman emphasized that the authorities are in favor of voluntary cooperation with agreed targets. In order to achieve a reduction in salt consumption in the population, the whole branch must pull together, she added.

According to FSVO, this is the only way for consumers to gradually get used to a less salty taste in industrial products.

The next step for FSVO will be to analyze which rules have worked abroad. A legal prescription from the Federation would also be possible. “Legal action is being considered,” the spokeswoman said.

A reduction in sugar is also under discussion

A possible reduction of sugar in sugary drinks is also being negotiated. In 2015, an agreement was reached within the framework of the “Milan Declaration” on the reduction of sugar in yogurt and breakfast cereals.

In 2019, 14 companies agreed to further reduce the sugar content of yogurt by 10% and cereals by 15% by 2024. The result of discussions on further reductions will be announced in early 2023, the FSVO states.

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