Home Kitchen 5 soup recipes to start the year off right

5 soup recipes to start the year off right

5 soup recipes to start the year off right

FOOD – With winter and the cold, it is impossible to miss the comforting and gourmet recipes to enjoy under a blanket in front of our favorite series. A flagship specialty of winter, soup is also a great way to recover from the excesses of the holidays.

As you can see in the video above, the five recipes offered by TikTokeurs invite you to travel gently. In miso soup, a classic of Japanese cuisine, there is wakame seaweed, mushrooms and a broth “dashi”, made from dried bonito chips. Turkish soup “Tak mek corbası” allowing, in turn, to fill up with vegetable proteins and fibers thanks to its main ingredient: the coral lens. The @cuisinonsencouleurs account offers its version of Moroccan bissara, a split pea soup with garlic and cumin.

As for the French classics, @chey__nese 2 revisits the pumpkin soup with garlic and caramelized mushrooms, but also the emblematic onion soup, for gratin in the oven with slices of bread and grated cheese.

If you always want even more soups, you can also turn to these three recipes against the cold with, for example, a vegetable and chicken soup with coconut milk and curry. And for original, protein-packed options, there are these easy soups made with grains and legumes. Something to comfort you at the beginning of January!

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