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66% of consumers are ready to embrace the metaverse as a means of communicating with customer service, but fears persist about security

A new report sheds light on the metaverse and the extent to which consumers are ready to embrace it with open arms. According to statistics highlighted in this study, 66% feel comfortable calling it an effective way to communicate with the brand’s customer service. One of the biggest concerns is security, given another recent report from TELUS International.

About 45% of customers believe that brands are willing to allow content moderation on the platform to keep users safe. And around 67% say the platform’s failure to be a secure place would have a real impact on the company’s reputation.

On the other hand, about 16% of respondents say that the metaverse provides the best customer service and really hope that it gives new meaning to personalized interactions with the various brands involved.

In addition, 53% of respondents believe that interactions in the metaverse are more interesting than those that take place in person when engaging with brands on a more personal level. Only 50% of people think they would be more personalized to their tastes and interests. At the same time, 47% of people say the metaverse would help them discover new products they didn’t know about before.

In other words, TELUS International found that 86% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase. Google leads with 60% compared to other platforms such as YouTube (43%) and Facebook (36%).

Of those surveyed, 64% prefer to have a personalized customer experience (CX) over a single customer experience that takes less time. And if they ended up getting unique customer service for the rest of their lives, about half of the respondents would use telephone communication more than any other medium.

It is therefore important that brands start to become aware of all this. About 60% of buyers would rather sit in a traffic jam than have to deal with issues related to poor service or poor customer experience.

For this particular study, TELUS International launched an international survey involving 5,500 American consumers in four different surveys.

Source: TELUS International

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