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8 gourmet autumn desserts with chestnut cream, ready in less than 30 minutes!

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Autumn is a season that easily lends itself to comforting recipes that can be enjoyed around a table, with the family or under a blanket by the fire. And what could be more comforting than chestnut cream? In less than 30 minutes you can make a very gourmet dessert with this sweet treat. For a weeknight or at the weekend, you can make one of our 8 recipes for your loved ones in no time.

Autumn means pumpkins, coffee and hot chocolate with spices and generous recipes. 🍂
To comfort himself with the arrival of rainy and gray days, chestnut cream is ideal. It’s a hug of greed that will delight the whole family. Considered sweet, chestnut cream is a product that we don’t always dare to use. In that case, you can use chestnut marmalade, which is smaller.
We give you recipes to get you started, gourmet, without excessive sweetness and always in season.

If you want to make a changing dessert traditional chocolate coulant or a tiramisu that will amaze the gallery, you will find what you are looking for among us 8 recipe ideas ready in less than 30 minutes! Quick to make, you can make these desserts on a weeknight or weekend, with family or friends.

Did you know ? 🌰 Chestnut cream was invented in 1885 by Clément Faugier, an industrialist. He sought to recover the broken candied chestnuts accidentally created during production. The fragments of candied chestnuts are recovered and reconfigured with chestnuts and then cooked, creating chestnut cream!

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Homemade chestnut cream recipe

If you want to get started, you can make your own homemade chestnut cream! Here is an easy recipe:

8 gourmet desserts with chestnut cream in less than 30 minutes

Tiramisu with chestnut jam

Coulant with chestnut cream

Tiramisu with chestnut cream and candied chestnuts

Cottage cheese mousse with chestnut cream

Pancakes with chestnut cream and candied chestnuts

Chocolate soufflés with chestnut cream

Banana muffins/chestnut cream

Simple mousse with chestnut cream

Chestnuts, chestnuts, what’s the difference?

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