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8 talents your cat has that will amaze you!

Cats are animals full of surprises. Although they belong to the large family of felines such as the lion, panther or tiger, cats are cute companions. Because it is loved by young and old, the cat is present in almost a third of French homes. Today we invite you to discover the cat from a different angle. Here are the cat’s 8 hidden talents that may surprise you.

1. Your cat is a real athlete

We often think of cats as living stuffed animals. It must be said that some breeds, including the Ragdoll, are simply adorable. But even though a cat sleeps between 12 and 20 hours a day, it also has quite incredible physical abilities.

A cat can jump up to 5 times its size. It is his powerful musculature and his great flexibility that enable him to achieve this feat. When it jumps, the cat prepares by contracting its muscles. He then stretches to break altitude or distance records. When he lands, the elasticity of his joints and the presence of his pads cushion the fall. In terms of speed, the cat is also excellent. When hunting, he can run at 50 km/h.

2. Your cat sees at night

The cat has excellent night vision. This ability is explained by the large amount of rods in the retina. They are 200 million in cats against 120 million. The pupils in a cat’s eyes also have the ability to present a larger opening to let in a large amount of light. If the cat is nyctalope, in other words that it sees at night, it is also thanks to an extra wall at the back of the eye. On the other hand, in complete darkness, it is impossible for him to move. It rarely gets dark! In addition to seeing at night, the cat has excellent vision for movement. That is why he is an excellent hunter. On the other hand, the cat sees neither near nor far. He doesn’t perceive colors like we do, but that doesn’t stop him.

3. Cats smell with their mouths.

You thought cats sensed smells with their noses, it’s true! But not only. Cats can also perceive smells with their mouths. How is it possible ? Know that in order to breathe, the cat has two nostrils located on their muzzle. It is thanks to these two small cavities that the air reaches the lungs. In these nostrils are the olfactory membranes which capture the olfactory molecules present in the inspired air. Finally, the vomeronasal organ, also called Jacobson’s organ, is located on the upper part of the palate. It allows the cat to identify its pheromones as well as those emitted by its congeners or itself. Because cats have a different sense of smell, you can see them open their mouths to detect scents. In general, the cat’s sense of smell is very strong. Although it does not reach the performance of the dog, it is composed of 200 million olfactory cells. We men have 5 million.

4. Cats communicate differently with their owners.

We all know that the cat meows. But did you know that meowing is used to communicate with you? Between congeners, the meow is not used. It is thanks to him that the cat is so cute, but above all that he leads us to the wand. When a cat meows, we feed it and cuddle it.

The cat also has the ability to express its love with its eyes. To achieve this, he blinks slowly. If your cat tells you that he likes you that way, you can also respond by blinking slowly.

5. Cats bring bad luck and good luck

Cat lovers agree. Felines are filled with happiness. Moreover, the famous Maneki Neko in Japan is present in homes as well as in businesses. In the land of the rising sun, the cat brings prosperity, security, luck and love. In ancient Egypt, the cat was also revered because it protected crops. However, the cat has also been associated with misfortune since the Middle Ages. This superstition is especially true with black cats. These were associated with the devil and witchcraft. By being both lucky and unlucky, the cat makes everyone agree!

6. Cats can make over 100 different sounds

As incredible as it may seem, the cat can make over 100 sounds! Some are familiar as meowing or purring. Others are much smaller. Of course, we don’t have to list the 100 sounds that a cat produces. But here are the most common ones.

  • The cat’s growl is a warning that the animal is ready to attack.
  • The cat’s hiss allows the cat to express its anger. He uses it to scare.
  • Cooting is not just for pigeons. In cats, it is between meowing and purring. If your buddy coos, he greets you.
  • The chirping is quite rare. When the cat makes this sound, it is both frustrated and excited. Most often he observes a prey while knowing that he cannot reach it.
  • The beep is also very rare. This short and sharp sound allows him to attract your attention.
  • The howl is used by the cat to impress and frighten its congeners from its territory.

7. Cats can heal you with their purrs.

The purring of cats is the subject of several studies every year. Although this specificity has not yet revealed all its secrets, we know that a cat’s purr soothes and heals. Also, if your cat comes up to you to purr, you’re good! Vigilance is required with spinners. Although purr therapy is beneficial, the cat may make this sound to soothe, to reduce pain, or to communicate distress. So you have to be very careful.

8. Cats have 9 lives

This talent has never been proven, but your cat would have 7 or 9 lives. The legend has endured for centuries since it existed in Egyptian mythology and in the Hindu tradition. The number 7 is perfection and completeness, meanwhile 9 is the number of resistance and endurance. These beliefs are present all over the world and each country has its history.

Know that your cat may not have 7 or 9 lives, so take care of your pet. If you meet his needs, including emotional needs, your cat will reward you!



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