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A cat discovers the joys of the sled and can’t live without it (video)

Since he discovered that he can have fun with a popular children’s game in the park, an adorable cat can’t stop using it. Both funny and touching, the video showing him sliding down a slide went viral in a very short time on Twitter.

Cats retain their kitten soul throughout their lives. When they have the opportunity to have fun, they don’t need to be asked to do it and give it their all. When they’re in a playful mood, anything they can get their hands on is likely to become a playful accessory, such as a simple piece of string.

A video that was recently uploaded Twitter and conveyed by India today wonderfully illustrates the ability of our feline friends to find play opportunities wherever they are. In this case, the location where the cat is concerned is completely appropriate, as the scene is shot in a park for children.

The sequence actually shows the animal in the black and white dress squatting on the sand, at the foot of a slide. He then rushes onto the latter and climbs to the top before laying on his side to come back down as he slides. Arriving at the bottom, he repeats the operation with equal enthusiasm and energy.

A communicative joy of life

The cat is clearly doing well, and the joy he seems to feel is contagious. Seeing him entertained like this is a real treat. @Yoda4everthe user of Twitter after sharing the video, one was not wrong. The post has had more than 34,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets since it went live on Thursday, November 10.

Illustration of the article: A cat discovers the joys of the sled and can no longer live without it (video)
@Yoda4ever / Twitter

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@Yoda4ever is probably not the person who filmed the scene; on his account he posts all kinds of entertaining videos. So we don’t know anything about this cat, whether he is a stray or has a special family or where he lives. Anyway, he shared a bit of his joie de vivre with many internet users without knowing it.




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