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A cat gets lost in an airport, dozens of people mobilize for more than a week to find it

For 10 days, the owners of a cat who got lost at an Indian airport desperately waited for good news while 8,000 kilometers from the site of her disappearance. Dozens of people mobilized to find the animal.

Friday found its owners, a British couple living in India, a week and a half after being lost at an airport, reported TimesNow.

This 5-year-old cat went missing on November 23 when she was about to board a connecting flight to take her to Madridwhere his masters had been waiting for him ever since Doha in Qatar. The latter’s 2 other pets, dogs called zoeybee and Simba, was also on the trip. During the final phase of this journey, the whole family was to travel to their new home in Portugal overland.

That’s how it was during the layover at the international airport Kempegowda to bangalore, in southern India, that things had taken a turn for the worse. Shortly before the plane took off qatarairwayswe realized that the cat had disappeared.

Illustration of the article: A cat gets lost in an airport, dozens of people mobilize for more than a week to find it
Kelly Johnson/Facebook

From then on, intensive research had been carried out by the authorities, but also by around twenty volunteers. They searched the airport and scrutinized CCTV footage for 10 days until the rescue.

Located in a VIP area

The owners of Friday, Paula and Howard James Scott, have actually heard the news they so hoped to hear. Their cat was found safe and sound in the VIP area of ​​the airport, hidden behind a suitcase.

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We waited to find Freida, Zoeybee and Simba after 2 months but this shocking episode of our missing cat in an extremely secure facility like the airport broke our hearts “trusted Paula James Scott before the reunion.

She and her husband adopted Friday when she was a very young kitten. She had then miraculously survived a fall. The couple had asked Kelly Johnson, owner of a shelter in India, to organize the trip for the cat and the 2 dogs.

“We are very touched to have found Freida and grateful that she has been safe for the past 10 days. “, said Kelly Johnson after the cat’s return.




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