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A child writes a letter to the dog he left at the shelter to save him from his dad

Dogs are man’s best friend. The reason is that these pets never let us down no matter what. The dog is a being who will love you more than you will ever love yourself. However, some people are unaware of how lucky they are to have this animal with them. They are unaware of the loyalty and fidelity of dogs.

A child leaves his dog at the shelter

This is particularly the case of the father of Andrés who, according to the little boy, abused their adorable dog Simon enormously. Thus, in order to stop this torture that his father inflicts on his pet, the child has decided to entrust him to the shelter. However, he did not leave them empty-handed since in the box where the animal had been placed there was also a letter from the little boy concerning his best friend.

In this letter, Andrés revealed that Simon suffered a lot because of his father, because in addition to being beaten by his dad, the animal also did not eat, which causes him to cry often, according to him. It is for this reason that he decided to place him in the shelter. A decision he had made with his mom, behind his dad’s back, according to him.

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The latter notably wanted to sell his dog, according to the revelations of the child, but since he did not want that to happen, Andrés decided to act. In addition to this letter, Andrés had also left his savings at the shelter so that they could buy tortillas for Simon. He also asked that we no longer hit his best friend, because the dog was already suffering a lot alongside his dad.

His promise to his dog

Simon was not left by his young friend with just a box. The little boy also left him his stuffed animals and a blanket so he could keep warm when he was cold. In his letter, Andrés also asked that Simon not be given up for adoption, because when he is a little older, he says, he will come back to pick up his best friend at the shelter.

When the story of the little boy and his dog was told publicly, internet users couldn’t help but be moved by the story. Indeed, many people find that the gesture of the child is proof that he cares a lot for his pet and that he does not want to lose it despite everything.

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He never forgot Simon

Several years have passed after Simon was dropped off at the shelter, but his young owner has never forgotten him at any time and still visits him when he has the chance. And each time, he always leaves her some money for the dog’s food. For his part, Simon grew up and became a happy and mischievous animal. And as Andrés requested, the animal continues to live in the same shelter where the little boy left him.

Andrés in particular has not stopped writing letters to his best friend, despite the passing years. In one of his notes for the dog, the little boy told Simon that he had gone to the vet and left him 3 euros so he could eat tortillas.

In Andrés’ last letter shared by the shelter, the child warned Simon that he could not visit him because of the pandemic. At that time, the Covid was spreading in Mexico City, the city in which the little boy and his animal live. His father wouldn’t let him go out according to what he said.

On the other hand, Andrés sent him a sum of three euros so that his dog could eat. And at the end of the letter, he asked his dog to be good before telling him that he missed him. Touched by the story of Simon and his young owner, the people in charge of the shelter where the animal lives decided that the dog should not be adopted by another family.

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And in case that happens one day, they will make sure that the family who will adopt the dog agrees that Andrés can visit his pet as much as he wants.



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