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A couple saved 2 pit bulls, 2 terriers, 2 ducklings and a cat and now they are inseparable…

There are all kinds of families and this couple is different: some of them won’t be the most responsible for what humans usually do, so when we hear the stories of Roxy, Edith, Mia, Rose, Jake, Gertrude and Donald, we are touched. This is an adorable family of 7 different animals, including 4 dogs and 2 ducklings and a cat. These friends absolutely love each other and are inseparable.

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A couple rescued 2 pit bulls, 2 terriers, 2 ducklings and a cat

They were rescued by Kasey Boggs and her husband, who have been rescuing animals for 10 years and managed to reunite this group of adorable animals who Kasey says definitely don’t like being apart, “they’re so used to being together she shares, and we’ll see why they’re the cutest!

This couple is always with them and takes care of them as if they were their children.

We cannot imagine the time and dedication required to care for so many animals with such different needs. In any case, the animals are in perfect health, they are very well cared for. This couple takes care of them and gives them all the love they deserve.

Here we can see how one of the ducks gives his friend a mouth cleaning.

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Here is a funny photo of them in the small pool

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Here you can see the lovely animal family on the couch.

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Here they are all lined up gracefully, even the cat!

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This couple really surprised us, we are very happy for their big family.



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