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The United States’ strategy to democratize the use of electric vehicles


To develop the market for electric vehicles, the United States government proposed on June 9, 2022, the establishment of the “National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program”. A plan for make charging stations more reliable and accessible.

A program to facilitate the accessibility of charging stations

Today, the adoption rate of electric vehicles in the United States is much lower than in Europe: 3%, compared to 13% in most major European countries. Still, US consumer interest in electric cars is high. This is why the Biden administration has decided to Take the things over control by proposing new standards for charging stations.

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The United States government will implement the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program to ensure “charging stations for electric vehicles that are more accessible and suitable for a wide variety of vehicles”. The idea is to be able to drive anywhere in the country without having to worry about recharging. New standards require charging stations to offer enough ports to quickly charge 4 electric vehicles simultaneously at 150 kW or more, and that they offer the CCS socket (a universal charger).

The stations must be functional at least 97% of the time and be subject to regular maintenance. The Biden administration also wants simplify the way Americans will pay for their top-up. There will be similar payment systems. New standards also regarding data, to guarantee “real-time state of charge, whatever your electric vehicle model”.

Objective: 50% electric vehicles by 2030

According to Pete Buttigieg, US Secretary of Transportation, “To support the transition to electric vehicles, we need to build a nationwide network of stations, which makes finding a vehicle as easy as filling up at a gas station”. He believes that these new rules will help the development of electric vehicles in the country. President Biden uses this program to help states build 500,000 charging stations by 2030.

He also hopes that this will make it possible to achieve the objectives expected for 2030, namely that 50% of sales of new vehicles will be electric. For Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Federal Highways Administrator, “President Biden’s Infrastructure Act provides states with both the funding and the framework to build a reliable charging network that gives more people the confidence they need to buy and use electric vehicles to get around the world. ‘coast to coast and in all states in between’.

In fact, it is a fundamental step for the development of this market in such a big country.


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