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A dog accompanies his feline brother to the vet to reassure him during his vaccinations

Belle the dog is a devoted emotional support to Bears the cat. Regardless of the circumstances, she is there to support her feline brother.

Going to the vet is mandatory, but it often creates stress for our pets. Having emotional support during the consultation can make this moment much more enjoyable. This is the case for the anxious cat Bearswho always goes to the vet in the company of his canine sister Beautiful.

Belle and Bears have been on good terms since the beginning of their relationship

When Newfoundland Beautiful arrived in her family, she was only 8 weeks old. Surprisingly, she was immediately accepted by the house cat, Bears. “Luckily, he’s an outdoor cat, so most of their first interactions took place in our yard, giving Bears an escape plan if Belle got too rough.”, their mother told Emilyin words reported by Mirror.

They immediately liked each other – it’s as if they immediately understood that they were brothers and sisters“, she added.

A brave cat, but not under all circumstances

By nature, Beautiful is very “gentle“and bears”brave and curious”, as their mother describes them. But there is one thing that makes the cat completely lose its means: it is afraid of going to the vet. Especially if he has to have injections. He is then very excited, and the vet struggles to work properly.

The gentle nature of Beautiful makes her a very good emotional support for the cat. So Emily started taking the dog with her when she went to the vet for Bears. And the effect was immediate. The cat was much calmer. So much so that it is the doctors themselves who now require the presence of the dog at every consultation of the cat.

Emily shared a video on social networks where we see Bears on the vet’s table, ready to receive his injections. No one needs to hold him, he is appeased because he sniffs his sister’s nose. Very touching photos of a beautiful relationship!



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