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For CFE-CGC, the new unemployment insurance reform has “turned solidarity into a rumble” | ESS, employment, education, integration and many other things. | Michel Abherve

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of the terms of the new unemployment insurance reform (see The new unemployment insurance reform’s quadruple entourloupe or the end of Olivier Dussopt’s right wing) provoked unanimous protest from the unions.

The reaction of CFE-CGC is particularly virulent

It is clear that the measures taken under a discourse of pseudo-rationality encouraging people to return to work actually hide a insane desire for a drastic reduction of the rights of the unemployed to make savings (more than 4 billion according to Unedic) on the backs of the most vulnerable. Once again, the measures taken are completely dogmatic and technocratic. They come down to 3 digits though there is no impact study while it is a major reform of unemployment insurance, which transforms it a little more into solidarity compensation.

For the population represented by CFE-CGC, after degressivity, this 25% reduction in duration becomes completely unbearable and turns solidarity into a racket.

For CFE-CGC, it is clear that when the state announces that it wants to take care of people in difficulty by regaining control of communal arrangements, it is less for their good than for the savings it intends to make.



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