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a dog takes care of his “girlfriend” and touches social networks

Dogs are the most loyal animals to their masters and other animals. On social networks we can find many animal stories like today’s: the story of a dog who takes care of his pregnant female dog.

The dog surprised on social networks by providing support in the various activities that its “partner” pregnant can not do. The Golden Retriever dog, as a good companion, tries to feed the animal, help it down the stairs, and much more.

A dog takes care of his “girlfriend” and hits social networks

The dog also takes her for walks around the neighborhood on a leash so she can burn off some much needed energy. The viral clip has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube and thousands of people have praised the dog’s noble work. They were hailed on multiple social networks.

“People should learn from these silent souls”, “This is one of the most amazing moments I have seen in my life”, wrote users on social networks.

Benefits of having a pet at home

According to some studies, animals play an important role in the life of human beings. Here are the benefits for household member development.

– According to studies, a dog helps lower blood pressure and slow heart rate.

– Children born into families with pets have been shown to have a lower risk of developing allergies or asthma.

– Dogs play a fundamental role in the development of children, providing them with security, autonomy and companionship.

Here is the video that went viral on social media:



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