A dog who suffered a nervous pregnancy touches millions of internet users with her attitude (video)

A dog who suffered a nervous pregnancy touches millions of Internet users

Daisy’s video caused a stir on the TikTok social network.

Daisy is a female Pitbull who has shocked internet users. On TikTok, the owner of this 3-year-old dog explains that his pet had a nervous pregnancy.

The dog victim of a nervous pregnancy

As a reminder, a nervous pregnancy is a phenomenon that affects unsterilized female dogs. These are hormonal variations that will cause behavioral changes in the female dog.

Thus, the female will behave as if she were pregnant even though she was not taken or the sexual intercourse was not complete.

She thinks bullets are her babies

As you can see in the video, Daisy therefore thinks balls are her babies. She broods the toys like her own puppies.

Over 2 million TikTokers were deeply touched by the dog’s attitude. Many have offered a puppy to Daisy’s owner so that the animal can nurse.

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