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Test: The cat you choose will reveal things about you!

If you follow our Leenkus site, you surely know that we like to share some little personality tests with you. Today we are going to present you a test with cats. So, which animal do you prefer? You will find in the rest of this article what this means. You will see, it can be very interesting.

What is a personality test?

Personality tests make it possible to discover the personality of a person… Indeed, personality is a set of characteristics that a person possesses. These can then influence his way of thinking, his motivations and his behavior.

Also, thanks to our personality tests, you will now be able to identify your behavioral preferences. But not only ! You will also identify reflection and motivation related to personality.

Picture of the cat test!

Each of us has a unique temperament. Today we offer you a test with cats.

Always present in mythologies and despite its endearing side… The cat retains a great deal of mystery. In this quiz, we invite you to look at four little felines. Indeed, depending on what you choose, we can tell you more about your personality. What do you see first in this image? Read on!

If you chose cat number 1 in the test..

If you chose cat number 1 in the test..

Did you actually choose the first test cat? You are therefore a patient person who always waits for the right moment to take action. Indeed, cat number one represents patience. But not only.

You also like the moments spent with your family or the evenings surrounded by your friends. However, sometimes you need moments of solitude in order to take stock and recharge your batteries. Also, you are a fan of meditation and mind travel.

If you chose cat number 2 of the test..

If you chose cat number 2 of the test..

Personality test: This second cat represents the professional career. Indeed, according to your choice, you will not shrink from any sacrifice to reach your goal. And it works!

So your perseverance is your strength. You’re not going to give up, even when it’s complicated. Passionate about sport, you like fights that allow you to evacuate often heavy stress. However, you also like romantic dinners in fancy restaurants and all-inclusive trips.

Cat number 3

Cat number 3

If you preferred cat number 3, it’s because you have a fiery temper. According to this test, you don’t let yourself be stepped on. When you want something, you do everything to get it. Sometimes you do it without looking back and this for the sole purpose of having no remorse.

In addition, you enjoy all the pleasures that your existence can offer you. Moreover, it is for this reason that you are a true fan of distant travels.

Cat number 4

Cat number 4

Finally, by choosing the last cat of the test… You are surely surrounded by loving people. Depending on your choice, you appreciate bringing comfort to the needy, but above all you like to be appreciated for your true worth. Also, you like to find yourself with authentic and sincere people.



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