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A “healthy” homemade Coke? The false good idea of ​​TikTok

FOOD – Balsamic vinegar, sparkling water and Coca-Cola. If these three words seem to have no connection between them, TikTok users have managed to associate them.

It all started with this video posted by Amanda Jones, aka @mandyvjones, in which she explains that her Pilates instructor drinks a “healthy” version of Coca-Cola almost every day. To reproduce it, she mixes balsamic vinegar and sparkling water or lemonade, in a large glass filled with ice cubes, as you can see in the video above. According to her, this mixture not only has the perfect appearance of Coca-Cola, but also tastes exactly like it. “It’s good for your health,” she says.

It was enough for the social network to ignite. On this Friday, June 10, the hashtag #healthycoke has already been viewed more than 20 million times. Tens of thousands of users try this revisited Coke, although many are not won over.

Not so healthy

With less sugar and less processed products, we can easily think that this recipe is healthier than the real Coca-Cola, and therefore better for your health. And yet. “For a drink to be considered healthy, it must bring something extra to the body, explains Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist and psychosomatician, at the HuffPost. However, balsamic vinegar is composed of sulphites which can cause stomach pain in people with a fragile stomach. They can also cause migraine attacks in headache-prone people and make painful bladders worse.”

This TikTok trend is therefore not a healthy alternative to sodas, but there are other fizzy and healthy drinks. “For a really healthy alternative to sodas, I recommend kombucha. It’s a tea containing ferments that nourish the intestinal microbiota, a real health ally,” emphasizes Nina Cohen-Koubi.

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