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A hunting dog rescued after 48 hours spent at a depth of 8 meters.

Here is a beautiful hunting story that ends well thanks to an outpouring of solidarity in the Drôme.

It all starts in Dieulfit on Thursday when Kevin’s hunting terrier Joucki leaves behind a wild boar. Until nothing abnormal, except that the animal does not return immediately contrary to the habit.

Equipped with a GPS collar, Joucki lies a little further into the city, but does not move. The concern of its owner grew all the more when the signal ended up being lost.

Arriving at the scene, the hunters quickly understand the problem, the dog fell into a crevasse. After trying to clear the entrance to it with shovels and picks, the hunters will use a small 2.5 ton shovel.

All Friday the hunters will dig and dig with the mini shovel, but without ever succeeding in reaching the dog, or even recovering the signal. The crack is too deep and the ground too hard, you need to move up a gear.

This is where the ATTP company, run by Baptiste, a friend of Kevin’s, will help by sending a 15-ton shovel to the site. On the job from Saturday morning, Baptiste, who is not a hunter, will dig up to 5/6m deep before falling on rocks. Hope dwindles in the face of the difficulties of moving forward, and a plumber equipped with a camera is called in to try to see the structure of the earth and why not see Joucki.

Hope ends up being reborn when Joucki appears alive on screen. All the teams present at the site will then double their efforts and manage to grab another 1 m on the rock. Finally, it is Joucki who has to give the last strength by managing to go up a few centimeters by walking at an angle, so that Kevin with the end of his arm pulls him out of the earth’s interior.

Kevin’s emotion as he picks up his dog is palpable in the photo below… It has to be said that contrary to popular belief, hunters love their dogs more than anyone else.



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