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a Jamal Khashoggi street inaugurated opposite the Saudi Arabian embassy

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A Jamal Khashoggi street was inaugurated in Washington. The plaque bearing the name of the Saudi journalist murdered by agents of his country in Istanbul four years ago was unveiled this Wednesday in the American federal capital.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

It measures only a hundred meters, but it is not located just anywhere. Jamal Khashoggi Street is now the address of the Saudi Embassy in the United States. We remember that it was in a Saudi diplomatic representation that Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated.

This is a message about the importance of press freedom and this is a message to the Saudi government : you can’t cover that, Explain District of Columbia Council President Phil Mendelsohn. The people who work here are going to see that name every day. They won’t be able to forget. And they won’t be able to forget that we remember. »

An inauguration just before Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia

This inauguration comes two days after confirmation of a Joe Biden trip in Saudi Arabia, a meeting with the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, without whose approval the murder could not have taken place. For Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the NGO Democracy for the Arab World Now (Democracy in the Arab world now, in French), this trip is a mistake.

First, there will be no drop in the price of oil and the Biden administration has already admitted this. There is no advantage for the United States. There is an advantage for American arms companies. There is an advantage for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Emirates [arabes unis] “.

The trip will take place in mid-July. The White House has indicated that human rights will be among the topics of discussion.

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