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A majority of the French say they are ready to drive at 110 km/h on the motorways

According to a survey, 68% of the French would agree to drive at 110 km/h on the motorways instead of 130 km/h to combat global warming.

On the motorway, French drivers would be ready to slow down to fight global warming. According to a study conducted by Elabe, published in The Parisian this Sunday driving at 110 kilometers per hour on the motorways instead of the current 130 kilometers per hour would be an acceptable climate measure for 68% of the French as COP27 opens this Sunday in Egypt.

The difficult subject of the maximum permitted speed on the motorway has resurfaced in recent years. Proposed by the members of the Citizen’s Climate Convention in 2020, the measure had been rejected by Emmanuel Macron, in the wake of the failure of the reform of 80 kilometers per hour on the secondary network. The debate has resurfaced in recent weeks, around issues of purchasing power and the climate crisis.

Waste sorting and recycled water

The Elabe survey for Veolia asked 25,000 people about climate action in 25 different countries, including France. More than 8 out of ten French people (82%) would thus be ready to sort their waste more, and 70% could eat less meat. In addition, 67% would agree to wash with recycled water – less than 1% of water is recycled today in France, compared to 15% in Spain, for example.

A single imperative: All these measures must not dig further into the portfolio. In France, one in two respondents would not pay more for a product or service presented as more virtuous for the climate.

Jeremy Bruno BFMTV journalist



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