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A Mechanic Opens A Trash Bag And Falls In Love With The Pleading Look Of An Abandoned Dog Inside

An auto mechanic in everyday life, RJ was hailed a hero after saving a young dog. Locked in a bag and then thrown into a dumpster, the animal flirted dangerously with death…

It’s a story that comes straight from Shakopeea city in Minnesota (United States). RJwho works in a garage Midasexplained to the journalists of the chain FOX9 hearing noise in a dumpster. First thinking of a raccoon who, let’s remember, turns out to be a great lover of garbage cans, the man looked inside cautiously. That’s how he found a wagging backpack.

I opened it and the dog slowly raised its head and eyesreported RJ to our colleagues across the Atlantic, I didn’t know what to say, I almost started crying. Obviously, someone decided to get rid of the canine by throwing it in the trash, like an old sock. That day, the mechanic arrived in time to pull him out of his pestilential tomb.

Article illustration: A mechanic opens a trash bag and falls in love with the pleading look of an abandoned dog inside

© FOX9 (screenshot)

A new family member

For now, no one knows who owns the puppy. We may never know… Anyway, RJ confirmed his intention to return it to its true owners, if it was stolen. But it will take tangible proof!

Following this discovery, the police of Shakopee wrote a report on the case and reminded the public of the different steps that can be taken to part with an animal. ” If you must return it, we encourage you to do so with humanity.the agents wrote on their Facebook account, With social media and the internet at your fingertips, there are plenty of options for finding someone willing to foster your pet. Please be kind to our animal friends! »

The kind-hearted hero, who took the furball under his wing, reassured the web that she was doing well. “ He is no longer shaking and has calmed down a lot. “, he added. The nickname given to his adorable protege? Midasin honor of the company he works for!

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From a smelly dumpster, the pup moved on to a warm and cozy home. His savior, who literally fell in love with him, said he will never be abandoned or abused again. As no one shows up, he intends to keep him close to him. How can you resist those big innocent eyes and that angel face?




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