A museum adopts a cat to protect its works while helping the local shelter

In Canada, a cat who lived in the shelter has found a new home that is quite unusual, but where he has the space, attention and comfort he needs. It is a museum.

From refuge to museum, this is the incredible destiny of Dorrie, a beautiful black and white cat who has led the happiest life since his adoption. A story told by Radio Canada.

The feline has found both a home and a mission to ensure that the works stored and exhibited at the museum remain safe from the rodents’ destructive little teeth. A problem that the establishment has regularly faced since its inauguration in the mid-19e century.

Do you know the Hill’s brand?

Illustration of the article: A museum adopts a cat to protect its works while helping the local shelter
Winnipeg Humane Society/Facebook

that St. Boniface Museumlocated at Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, is actually the adopter of Dorrie.

In the past, the quadrupeds have stayed at the local refuge, that of the Winnipeg Humane Society. Its adoption has made it possible to free up a space in this reception structure, which, after being saturated, needs more than ever to place its residents. Half a thousand animals are currently being cared for, not counting the hundreds of others on the waiting list.

There are holes in the walls that you can’t always fix, so sometimes little bugs get in “, Explain Emilie Bordeleau-Larochecurator for St. Boniface Museum. The presence of Dorrie therefore deters rodents and thus contributes to the protection of the precious pieces housed in the establishment, which is especially dedicated to the Franco-Manitoban historical heritage.

“Walk around and play freely while you have a warm place to sleep”

Everyone is therefore a winner in this affair, made possible by a program called Children’s friends.

Cats that like Dorrietake advantage of the said program ” can walk around and play freely while they have a warm place to sleep says Lenore Hume, director of communications for the Winnipeg Humane Society.

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