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a passer-by opens it and an infinite sadness seizes him

In the car, he hits a garbage bag: a passer-by opens it and an infinite sadness seizes him

An odious abandonment that left the unfortunate puppies no chance…

During 2019, in Corsica, between Ghisonaccia and Aléria, several cars passed an abandoned garbage bag in the middle of the street. If the first cars simply grazed the bag, a last one hit it head-on, as reported by the Ughjattinu DI Corti association.

An abandonment that sends shivers down your spine

Witnessing the whole scene, a passerby finally decided to open the garbage bag and clear it from the road where it is dangerous. Inside the bag, there is shock: there are two puppies, one of which unfortunately did not survive…

“A trash bag for a coffin. I didn’t know coming into the world that my life would be summed up in my two months ending it in a garbage bag with my sister in the middle of a road between Ghisonaccia and Aleria this Thursday morning. Sad end for puppies, promised to a long agony by human cowardice, not even able to sterilize mom and who finds it more normal to lock us in a garbage bag and throw us in the middle of cars. We are very scared in the dark and the air is thin, a first car brushes past us, the second hits us. I feel my sister’s hot blood running over me, she moans softly. I await the end of my life. Finally someone frees me, I’m saved but for my sister it’s too late. I still wonder what crime I committed to have been condemned in this way, why I was hurt so much? Nothing in the world justifies such cruelty. »

This particularly cruel abandonment obviously shocked a lot. The second puppy was taken care of.

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