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a request for suspension of sentence filed by his lawyers

This suspension would be “provisional”until the state of health of Yvan Colonna, in a coma since a violent attack in the prison of Arles, improves.

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Patrice Spinosi, lawyer for the Colonna family, indicated on Tuesday March 15 on France Inter that a request for suspension of sentence is “presented today by the lawyers of Yvan Colonna, whose state of health is still extremely serious”. “From the moment you have a condition incompatible with your detention, your sentence can be suspended. This is the request filed for there to be consideration of the medical situation”says the lawyer.

“He is the sentence enforcement judge” who can process this request, who is “completely consistent with the situation of Yvan Colonna”, believes Patrice Spinosi. This suspension would be nice “provisional”until Yvan Colonna’s state of health improves, in which case the sentencing judge may reassess the incarceration.

Sentenced to life for the assassination of the prefect of Corsica Claude Erignac in 1998, the independence activist was the victim of a violent attack in Arles prison on March 2, and since which he has been in a coma. “He is well cared for in Marseille and is not intended to be moved. The challenge will exist if he comes to recover. For the moment, he is where he is treated best”, specifies Maître Spinosi. Since this attack, tensions have not weakened on the island, even reaching a peak on Sunday in Bastia with very violent clashes which left 67 injured, including 44 among the police. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin is traveling to the island on Wednesday to “open” a “discussion cycle” with “all elected officials and living forces”.

Asked about the possibility of a complaint by the family of Yvan Colonna against the State, Maître Spinosi answer that it will be “of course, obviously” the case. “In the current state, the family of Yvan Colonna did not want to take action, but of course, there will be actions that will be taken against the State responsible in consideration of the evolution of the health of Yvan Colonna (…) It is certain that there will be questioning of a fault or a failure of the administration in the management of the detainee Yvan Colonna, “adds Patrice Spinosi”.



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