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McDonald’s: Nike follows the example of fast food and leaves Russia!

After McDonald’s fast food, the Nike brand decides to leave Russian territory! We give you more details.

Nike in the footsteps of McDonald’s! The sports equipment supplier desert the Russian market! MCE TV gives you more details.

Nike leaves Russia

It is a decision that seems final. After McDonald’s, the famous American sports brand has decided to leave the Russian market for good. Nike even specified that it had no intention of reopening its stores in Russia.

As a reminder, the sports brand had decided to close its stores temporarily. Following the sanctions against Moscow for its attack in Ukraine. From now on, Nike goes further.

“Nike Inc. has decided to leave the Russian market. As a result, and the Nike mobile app will no longer be available in this region. » specifies the group in a message published on the Russian site.

Nike stores recently temporarily closed and will not reopen. » can we read. After McDonald’s, it is therefore Nike which leaves the Russian market.

The brand specified that it was unable to “guarantee the delivery of goods to Russian buyers”. Without giving more details on their decision.

For those who had already ordered from Nike, the brand assures that they will be reimbursed. In total, 116 stores will therefore leave their doors closed.

At the beginning of March, a few days after the entry of Russian soldiers into Ukraine, the brand announced the closure of its stores. Last May, the group suspended sales in partner stores in Russia.

He also ended all his collabs with Russian retailers. Nike had also indicated continue to pay its employees.

In the footsteps of McDonald’s

On May 16, McDonald’s announced that it was leaving the Russian market. A symbolic departure therefore for this international channel which embodies globalization.

But following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s decided to pack up. “We are committed to our global community. And we must remain adamant about our values. » the group’s CEO said in a statement.

“Respecting our values ​​means that we can no longer keep the Arks in Russia. » he added. After 30 years in the Russian market, McDonald’s therefore closed its 850 restaurants.

So to replace the fast-food giant, Russia has decided to open his own fast food chain. Exit Mc Do, hello “Vkousno i totchka” (to understand: Delicious, Full stop.)! Just that.

After having ruined buying Big Macs at 390 euros after the departure of McDonald’s, the Russians have turned the page with their new fast-food! And since its opening, this new fast-food has been a hit in the country!

” First day, we sold nearly 120,000 burgers. We have never seen such daily turnover since McDonald’s has been working in Russia. » explains the boss to Reuters.

The boss also seems confident for the future. He hopes to open 1,000 restaurants within 4 to 5 years! Despite everything, he keeps his feet on the ground and seems aware that certain McDonald’s products are irreplaceable.

“We were forced to withdraw certain products because they were too linked to McDonald’s, such as McFlurry and Big Mac. It’s a big loss. » he then explained. Case to follow!



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