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Jessie, the dog stolen from her owner when she had a heart attack in the street, has found her mistress

We told you the terrible story of Kat Conway who had been desperately looking for her faithful dog Jessie since June 6. Indeed, that day, an individual had kidnapped her when she was feeling unwell in the streets of London. The outpouring of solidarity that has been organized to find her has borne fruit.

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As a reminder, Kat Conway was on vacation at London in England early June with his beloved jessie. Victim of a heart attack in front of the hotel St. Pancras Renaissance on June 6, 2022, an ambulance came to get her urgently, but jessie was not allowed on board.

A blond man of about 1.70 meters then took the apricot-colored dog. Kat hadn’t heard from her since, devastated at the thought of never seeing her again.

The 50-year-old woman had moved heaven and earth to find her. A Facebook group had been created with the aim of relaying information throughout the country. The authorities had also been notified, and an investigation was being carried out. “We are looking for hotel staff or bystanders who witnessed what happened”had then published the police station.

Kat Conway/Facebook

Spectacular turn of events

A few days later, a woman who had heard of the story of jessie and Kat via social media recognized the Shih Tzu on a train. This was not far from Wiganabout 350 kilometers from London.

She therefore contacted the police who apprehended the individual who was holding the dog. Which was entrusted to the association DogLost who has a habit of reuniting lost canids with their masters.

‘I got a phone call on Friday saying they had found her but it was too late to pick her up so I had to go Saturday morning and catch a train to Wigan’said Kat at MyMondon.

The woman couldn’t believe it, her dream was coming true when she no longer believed in it.

Illustration of the article: Jessie, the dog stolen from her owner when she had a heart attack in the street, is reunited with her mistress
Kat Conway/Facebook

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Per Bonheur, the check-up visit to the veterinary clinic revealed that jessie was in excellent health. She was finally able to go home Scotland. It is definitely the momentum of solidarity that has made this beautiful reunion possible.

“I’m absolutely thrilled, I can’t believe so many people have helped me. Together they performed a miracle.told Kat.

jessie doesn’t seem traumatized by the experience. As usual, she takes advantage of her cozy blanket during long naps. As for the thief, he has still not explained the reasons for his behavior, but will have to answer for his actions in court.




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